The Want vs. The Purpose


There comes a time when you realize you have the money you never had to buy the thing you’ve always wanted.  That’s certainly how it went for me.  I didn’t grow up being able to buy the things I wanted.  We didn’t have the money for the ‘want’ items.  Even when I had a job the income wasn’t great enough for me to buy random things that I wanted.  Later on when I did have a better income I began to buy things that were on my want list. 

I bought PA system to play music through.  I bought a new guitar.  I bought tools.  I bought a new computer.  I traded up for a new car.  I bought collectable items, wall art, movies, sports equipment.  It seems like the list never ended.  I was never was able to buy the miscellaneous items when I was in college, but now that I have a great career I don’t hesitate to buy pretty much anything I want.  Until recently.

Many of the items that I wanted just because I wanted them are purposeless.  They serve no purpose.  I don’t need them.  I don’t use them.  They take up space and they were actually a waste of money.  I always thought that by buying things I wanted that I would gain some sort of happiness out of them.  In reality it wasn’t the case at all.  I think it was more of a “I can buy this because I never could before” mentality.  It’s a toxic way of thinking.  It cost me money, space, time, and now it’s almost a burden to have things I don’t need sitting around.  Like I’ve mentioned before it’s as if every item sitting around is a stack of money that isn’t being used on anything with value or with purpose.  Every item that I plan on keeping will serve a purpose to my daily ‘operations’ around the house and work.  I say operations in the sense of ‘how and why’ I use things around the house.  

If you’re wanting to become a minimalist think about purpose, the real value(not monetary) that each item provides to you.  Can you live without it?  Do you really need it?  How often will you actually use it?  Will it actually make you happy or does the idea of having it overshadow the reality of not needing it?  

I wish I would have thought about this before buying all the items I have that have served no purpose.  As I continue my path to minimalism, every item will have a purpose to my daily interactions and operation.  Still a ways to go, but the journey continues…