Make every day the day that defines who you are.

When you choose profit over people you will lose every time.

Reasons are excuses, factual or otherwise, buy purpose is destiny.  There are reasons you do things, there is purpose when it is meant to be.

Leadership and innovation are actions of a decision to not accept the normality of how people and products are developed.

Leaders just don’t know challenges, but they understand them.  This is why they can overcome them.

Wisdom comes from experience, but also comes from learning.

A million dollar solution to a billion dollar problem is what we call innovation.

Why leadership is important is the same as why fuel is important for your vehicle.  It gets you were you need to go and where you need to be.

What followers are and what they do should be a reflection of who their leader is.

Lead like everyone’s life depends on it and follow like your life depends on it.

Leadership is universal.

Innovation chases the impossible and makes it not only possible, but practical.

Team work only happens when everyone is willing to cooperate.

Leaders don’t think twice about caring for others.  It’s what they naturally do.

If you fail, get up and try again.  If you fail again then get back up.  If you fail yet again, you know what to do.

Practice may not make perfect, but it does make progress.

A vision without action won’t become reality just like a car without fuel won’t move.

Having a vision is a pretty good place for leaders to start.

Leaders are bendable, but they don’t break.

Innovation is breathing life into ideas even if they fail.

We need to know and see that what we’re doing as leaders is working.  Being a leader is one thing, being an effective leader is another.

It’s important for teams to be on the same page, but it is also important that they are all ready to turn to the next page.

Leaders need help too.

Don’t underestimate the power of giving a high five to a stranger.

A person who works well under pressure is a dangerous individual.

We can’t fix new problems with old solutions.  This is why innovation is important in our culture.

If we were to listen to understand each other then we wouldn’t need to debate each other.

Create to innovate.

Your desire to help others is leadership.

Marketing is about being able to prove what you have people need. Don’t just say it, prove it.

If you want to get somewhere define your expectations.

People control management, management shouldn’t control people.

I was always told when storytelling to start out with a dilemma.  It doesn’t just grab your attention, it sparks your curiosity.

Innovation is two things:  The mindset of being innovative and the action of being innovative.

The truth to greater engagement isn’t more followers.  It’s authentic followers.

Failing and quitting is surrendering.  Failing and getting back up is succeeding.

Effective leadership isn’t conducted by personal preference.  That gives teams the impression that it’s your way or no way.

Doing what’s right and doing the right thing may not be the same choice.

Leaders don’t leave people where they find them.  They take them to the next level of where they need to be

The answer is not so much the destination as it is a journey from the question.

Teamwork happens best when everyone is focused on the same goal with the same idea on how to get there.

Remove the stigma that mistakes are bad.

Humility is key to admitting mistakes and faults so that you can learn from them.

Own it, understand it, overcome it.

It’s what you do with a mistake that matters most.

Power is privilege.  Influence is a chance to do.

Diversity is a great team asset.

Our goal is not only be a leader, but be a leader that achieves desired results.  How we lead has to work!

Leadership transcends us to the direction of who we have the potential to be.

It’s not always about reinventing the wheel, but don’t forget that wheels simply need changing.

Purpose starts with action.

Leading is 24/7, managing is part time.

Be the leader you want your children to follow.

Collaboration will go as far as you will take it.

Leadership is not a position, but if you have position use it to lead and lead well.

Change is opportunity.

Leaders are investors in the potential of others.

To be wrong is to find out why.

Dreams can be anything that requires you in action.

Charisma isn’t learned, it is realized.

Not all ideas are innovative, but it takes ideas to churn the innovation mindset required to be innovative.

Leaders will never create fear.

You may not be the problem, but you can always choose to be the solution.

When we inspire we lead.

Leaders aren’t just ready, they’r prepared.

Be better, do better and know better.

Leaders redirect conflict into resolution.

Failure in innovation is a successful feeling.

Creativity is free.  Invest in it.

Who a person was is not always who they are now, nor who they will be.

Eliminate fear by building trust.

Leading is about people and you never stop impacting people wherever you go.

Progress is how we get where we’re going.

If you’re not leading you should be following.

Sometimes the best way to use authority is to share it.

We hate failing and we hate defeat, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Our desperation can accomplish wonders.

Inspiration is born through some of our greatest struggles.

Trust, Empower, Adapt, Mission focused is what TEAM is all about.

Our mindset is thinking that great performers make great leaders, but that’s not always the case.

Talent can go far.  Potential can go further.

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