Pete Ruiz is an NCO in the United States Air Force focused on helping others be better, do better and know better through leadership development.  

Pete has been speaking to various small groups and large audiences about what leadership means for the last 4 years. He does this through keynotes and facilitating a leadership development program called Brewing Leadership. Brewing Leadership is an informal discussion about leadership from various perspectives while having coffee and or beer. 

As an inspirational speaker, Pete has created the brand INSPIREONE to spread the message of inspiring through leadership. The idea is to Inspire one person a day and challenge them to do the same. 

In his additional free time, Pete is a musician. He has released 2 independent albums and is currently working on his third album. The title, “Waiting,” is set to release in 2018.

You can also find him on various social media platforms.  See Social Media tab above for more sites. 

Pete’s leadership definition is selfless actions that inspire others to be better, do better and know better while pursuing short term or longer term goals. 

Views/comments/thoughts/articles are all of personal opinion and do not reflect representation of DoD or any government entity. 


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