Develop Your Team

If you could strategically pick people to create the ultimate team would the people on your team now make the cut? If they would, why would they? If not, why would they not? If others could pick a team would you make the cut?

Teams are the life blood of organizations. They provide results, growth and function. We often don’t assess the team as if it is a one person with many different abilities. We identify a team as a group of individuals with many talents with a common goal. Most people on the team will play to their strengths. It is natural that we step forward when we are familiar with something that we know. Our weaknesses on the other hand often go unplayed and undeveloped. We have all heard the phrase, “A team is strong as its weakest link.” Another way to look at it is one person’s weakness becomes the team’s weakness.

Sometimes people don’t know what their weaknesses are. It takes feedback from others to point them out. How well do you provide feedback as a team? Have you sat collectively as a team and talked about your weaknesses? If not, why not? Every team needs to have a 360 degree view of what they are capable of being. Feedback works vertically and horizontally. We normally engage feedback in a top down approach, but a peer to peer approach is also valuable.

The only way to grow as a team is to learn as a team and develop as a team. Sure, it does take individual parts to move and do so, but above all if you are going to be a team then develop as a team. Growing together strengthens the team. One of the hardest things to do is take a diverse group of people to work together in one direction. A successful team crosses the finish line together. Win or lose.

As a leader, what are you doing to help develop the team? Are you providing feedback when necessary? Are you not only improving weaknesses, but identifying potential? Leadership is essential to the progression of any team. Without even saying it most people know the leader on their team. Are you that leader? If so, what are you doing to help develop your team? It would be awesome to be able to strategically pick your ultimate team, but you don’t need to in order to have a great team. You can create the ultimate team by investing in your current team’s development!