Minimalism: My Process to Less


I began thinking in bed last night on how I’m going to consolidate, remove, donate(or however else you want to call it) my ‘stuff.’  What’s the best way?  As I began to think on what I had and what I see on a daily basis I created somewhat of a checklist.  Since I took a step into minimalism a few months ago I was already on a path.  Now that I’ve taken a step back to look at my house, I believe I have a good plan to reach my goal of being as minimal as possible.  Here is my list in order. 

Clothing:  (I began this stage a few months ago.) Getting rid of clothing items is probably the easiest thing to do since you know what you wear most and don’t wear.  I had a lot of golf t-shirts.  Probably 75% of my shirts were golf shirts, but the crazy thing is I rarely golf anymore.  Those were first to go.  I many other regular t-shirts that I didn’t wear as well.  I had a few more shoes than I should have had.  Not sure how I even accumulated numerous pairs of shoes when I really only wear one…maybe two.  Those went.  Lastly, I took a look at my uniforms that I wear for work.  I got rid of the oldest and kept the newest.  Uniforms are good to have at anytime so I kept what I felt I needed.  I believe I have 3 sets, plus 2 combinations of blues.  I’m in the Air Force so blues is what we call our service uniform.  After I went through my clothes I donated 55 items.  That’s quite a bit.  Some clothes still had the price tag on them.  They’re gone.  What a relief?!

Entertainment:  I have so many DVDs and I rarely pop one in the DVD player.  We now have a lot of movies on digital download on Amazon.  A space saver!  We love movies so I think it’s a good idea to use technology to save space.  Digital downloads are just too simple.  I will keep my books because they do bring value to me.  I do reference them from time to time and I believe they are a part of me.  I could go digital with my books, but I’m old fashioned.  I like being able to hold a book and actually flip pages.  I’ll also get rid of board games and some of my drawing/calligraphy items.  Greatest thing about some of these is that I can sell them and at least get a few dollars out of them.  Including in entertainment are my old journals that I used to write in.  Random lyrics, music chords and ideas on songs.  These are a part of me, but I can let go of them.  I’m sure I’ll reread a few journals, but I’m actually looking forward to getting rid of them.  Sports gear is another set of things I’m including in entertainment.  I have a tennis racket, bowling shoes, a couple fishing poles.  Haven’t used the tennis racket in almost 3 years.  Haven’t used the bowling shoes in about the same.  I will keep a few fishing poles as that is something I do with my wife and daughter. 

Kitchenware:  I have a lot of coffee cups.  Honestly, I use most of them on a regular basis, but I don’t need more than a few.  It will at least make me wash them quick rather than waiting for the dish washer.  This includes water bottles too.  I have a few that I don’t use that often.  I normally grab a bottled water from the office anyway as I head to the gym.  I also have 2 barbecue sets of tongs and flippers.  One of them will have to go even though we use them a few times a week. There are other items that I can’t think of, but kitchenware is on the list.

Bedroom items:  We have a king size bed and two night stands with two lamps.  Not sure that the lamps are really needed, but still have time to decide.  I have a lot of hangers for clothes, but now that I got rid of a lot of clothes I need to get rid of the hangers.  Now that I think of it, our bedroom is pretty bare.  Not much to change there. 

Miscellaneous/Tools:  I believe in keeping lawn equipment such as lawn mower, water hose, weed eater and basic gardening tools.  We like the idea of growing our own herbs or whatever we can, really.  In our first house I had a big garage to work in.  I woodworked, well, I tried, and have quite a bit of tools.  I haven’t used them as much as I used to.  I may have to consider getting rid of them. 

Office:  I have more pens that I could ever need.  I love pens, but I sure don’t use them all.  I have a few other personal desk decorations on my desk that I will consider getting rid of.  Some of them are gifts from my first deployment.  Hard to get rid of something like that.  I have a lot of documents too that I feel I may need in the future, but perhaps I’ll scan them and keep a digital copy.  I will keep my planner and my organizer.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.  

As the process evolves I’ll see what other things I can reduce.  I’m not setting a timeline, but I just want to as time passes enhance my space by being minimal.  There are things that I may keep as I feel add value to my life such as books, but we’ll see how it goes.  So…here I go!


One thought on “Minimalism: My Process to Less

  1. I find that by getting rid of the excess stuff, I place a higher value on my fewer possessions. Less stuff certainly means less stuff. But you get more use from the things that actually bring you joy and contentment.


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