3 Leadership Lessons from Deadpool

Deadpool, Leadership, MARVEL, X-Men

I know what you’re thinking.  What leadership lessons could we possibly learn from Deadpool?  I know right!  BUT, yes, there are a few lessons that we can take away.  Perhaps you already know them, most will, but even so, it’s awesome that we can extract lessons from even characters that we probably wouldn’t normally label as a leader.  Remember, leadership lessons are every where. 

If you haven’t seen the movie go watch it because then you may read things from the movie that you don’t want to know yet.  If you’re underage and need adult supervision, then consult with your guardian/parent or friend who is over 18 to get you tickets to see the movie.  Keep in mind, parents, it’s not suitable for young children.  It’s Marvel, but it’s a major R in MaRvel.  

Wade Wilson obviously was diagnosed with cancer.  It was hard for him and Vanessa(his gf) to accept.  No one would ever like to hear such bad news.  Wade knew that he didn’t have long to live and he wanted to at least try his chances with, you know, Agent Smith’s offer.  So he leaves in pursuit to, in a way, be healed.  Of course, things go pretty bad and he’s left with a body that basically looks burned from head to toe.  I won’t even use the words in the movie to describe his looks.  The lesson here is that after it was all said and done, Wade accepted who he was and though he feared what Vanessa might think, she ended up accepting him. 

Sometimes leaders are given cards that don’t seem worth playing, but sometimes we have to play the cards out anyway.  We can’t give up on people or projects because of a negative result.  Leaders don’t just accept what’s at hand, but also adapt to it.  Though Wade was out for for Ajax, he adapted to use new skills and used them to try to right a wrong, in a way.  Leaders accept and adapt to changes in their environment, team members and issues in the mission.  They turn conflicts into resolutions.  They find a way to make things work, they don’t give up.  They accept and adapt.  


Deadpool gets offered to team up with the X-Men, but denies joining.  He clearly doesn’t want to be a part of their team.  He didn’t want to help them nor did want their help.  Things happen and things change.  Vanessa gets kidnapped by Ajax and Deadpool is desperate to get her back.  So who do you think he asks for help?  The X-Men(Colossus and Nagasonic).  The lesson here…it’s okay to ask for help.  All leaders need help.  It’s okay to be vulnerable and need help.  That’s why we have team members.  We can’t do everything alone, especially take on an army of bad guys let alone an army of tasks.   Humility is very important.  Leaders must understand that it’s not about them, but it’s about the bigger picture.  Leaders have humility in what they do. 


Along the same lines of a few X-Men helping Deadpool, prior to this, the X-Men tried to recruit him because of his potential.  Colossus consistently tried to make him a better person.  Even when Deadpool rejected his offer to join X-Men, Colossus didn’t give up on him.  Leaders invest in others.  They purposefully provide guidance, mentorship and coaching to those around them.  A goal of a leader is to grow more leaders.  Colossus was trying to get Deadpool to take the high road to be better and do better.  That’s wheat leaders do.  They seek opportunities to grow others.  Colossus gave us a great example of this in the movie.  

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