Superman–X-Ray Vision

Leadership, Superman

Superman has many superpowers.  He can fly, he is extremely fast, he has laser heating eyes, he has strength beyond belief, and let’s not forget, he can see through objects.  Seeing through objects basically allows

Superman to see around corners.   


Seeing around corners isn’t easy for a leader.  They must use experience, data, probability and risk.  The outcome can be right and it can also be wrong.  It’s not perfect, but as a leader, you’re job is to get your team through the task or to a destination in a timely, accurate manner.  Knowing what waits around the corner helps you prepare your team for what to expect.

Leaders….They see around corners, shaping their future, not just reacting to it.-Rosalinde Torres

Anticipating the next move in any scenario is crucial to preparing for what could happen next.  Leaders want to be able to lead their team confidently and to the best of their ability.  This is why seeing around corners is highly important for a leader to develop.  The team relies on you for information, direction and to lead them through anything that may happen. 


Develop your x-ray vision by getting your team to play in a friendly sporting game such as tag football, softball, or any game that involves strategy such as chess.  These type games are in a way, a learn as you go type game.  Every play is different and it requires you to at least think ahead as to what you and your team need to do on the next move.  Exercising the think on your feet ability can really enhance your reaction to what’s next and also perhaps enhance your ability to see around corners.  Lead like Superman. 

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