Captain America–Learn to Follow

Leadership, MARVEL

When we see leadership, we see someone in front.  A leader becomes a leader when others decide to follow.  Followers automatically see when a person has the ability to lead and they put their trust in them by following their guidance and experience.  There are times when we learn how to be a leader by listening and learning.  There are times when we learn how to lead by seeing what not to do.  

There is leadership roles in just about every aspect.  Leaders either lead effectively or they lead ineffectively.  In this example, we all know the arrogance that Tony Stark possesses.  He is usually the life of the party, popularity driven.  This is a misleading factor for him.  He is always the guy that calls the shots, people follow him, but for wrong reasons. We also see from Captain America that being a leader may mean following!

Steve Rogers: We have orders, we should follow them.
Tony Stark: Following’s not really my style.

avengers-trailer073Following is in our nature.  We are coded to follow.  We do it when we don’t know the road ahead and follow when someone else does.  It’s okay to be a follower.  Leaders are followers.  Often times a leader learns from their followers.  A team is about teamwork and without following everyone would be working independently and nothing would ever get accomplished.  

The mission of a leader is to get the team from point A to point B.  

You can’t get everyone there safely if no one wants to follow. 

If you want highly motivated followers, you must show them how to do so.  You lead by example! By this, you can’t expect followers to follow if they don’t know how. Captain America didn’t know all the answers, he wanted to stick to the plan(even though he went out to find answers).    


 Steve Rogers shows us here that when you don’t know the path ahead, follow the map, or in this case, follow orders. Even when they found weapons, Captain still wanted to put trust in the plan.  Without it having to be elaborated, Captain America became Captain America by his will to follow the rules of what’s right.  Tony Stark, along with the other Avengers, ended up following the leadership of Captain America.  Lead like Captain America!

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