Iron Man–Taking Risks

Leadership, MARVEL


Steve Rogers: Stark, we need a plan of attack!
Tony Stark: I have a plan: attack!

In this moment of not thinking before acting, Tony Stark pursues Thor after he has taken Loki from their custody.  Captain America comments, “We need a plan of attack.” Stark replies, “I have a plan: attack!”  He didn’t create a plan, there wasn’t a discussion on what they were going to do next, he just flew after them. 

Iron Man took a risk!

There are many times when you have to take the risk and jump into the water.  Many leaders have a very fast thinking process.  They’re able to assess situations as they’re unfolding and act quickly.  This is a very difficult skill to master, but it’s not impossible.  Here, Iron Man teaches us that

Leaders take risks. 

Now, before you decide to jump into the water blindly, there is a difference in a calculated risk and a careless risk.  Depending on the skills, resources and knowledge of the leader, risks can be taken knowing that no matter what arises, the individual or team can handle the risk.  Iron Man definitely had the skills to take this risk.  Be logical about risk and the risks you are able to take. Remember, not taking a risk is in fact, still a risk. 

You can be a great leader by the risks you take and the risks you decide not to take.   

We often don’t face threatening risks such as this one with Tony Stark, but we do take chances on ideas, people and even new jobs.  You may have an idea that could help everyone in your office work more efficiently, but you also may be afraid that it may not work out.  It’s a risk to share an idea when you don’t know how other’s will react.  Some people are shy and this can be hard to overcome.  Just remember that you may be the only one with that idea, it’s crucial for you to risk ridicule, or rejection for the sake of making something better when no one else is taking a chance.  You can be super.  Lead like Iron Man. 

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