Professor X–Investing in Potential

Leadership, MARVEL, X-Men

Though we know who the X-Men are and who Professor X is, did you know Professor X possesses some of the best leadership skills?  He does!  Professor X is seen as the command and control guy of the X-Men.  He calls the shots, he knows past and future and of course, has a school for the ‘gifted.’  How does all of this make Professor Charles Xavier a leader?  We’re going to focus on one of the many skills of Professor X!

Professor X invests in the potential of others!

Yes, his school, in fact, is open to cultivate a culture of growth in each student’s potential.  He seeks out what each student’s potential powers can do, how far they can be stretched and how to control them. He slowly builds their most powered abilities.  Just when you think you can’t push any further, he provides that inspiration that takes that potential to the next level.   He is their guide in bringing those gifts out.  He spends his time for the sake of others.  He creates environments catered to each person’s potential powers.  He gives them the opportunity to grow with it!

3163157-4954188715-94811With so many diverse mutants, each person has such unique powers.  He doesn’t seek out specific powers, he brings in everyone! Diversity is a key aspect in strong teams!  Part of investing in potential is being eclectic in all skill levels and experience.  You don’t pick and choose.  Prof X opened up his entire estate for anyone with a mutant gift, by doing this he invested in them from the start! When you get a room full of uniquely talented individuals, the team becomes greater.  This is why investing in the potential of others is very important.

Leaders invest in the potential of others!

Leaders develop and some naturally have the ability to see the gifts others don’t see in their self.  Leaders highlight what people are passionate about and what strengths they have.  Some people don’t see the limits they have or not have and some simply don’t see their strengths.  Leaders use their time to develop these skills so that each person can contribute uniquely and according to their potential.  They help people grow those skills when no one else is.  Just like Professor X, leaders don’t help a select few; they help everyone on their team!  When you invest in other’s potential, you’re investing in their diversity! This is crucial for building strong teams. 

Professor X is a leader; you can be a leader just like him.

Anyone can invest in others. You really can!!  It doesn’t take a Superhero to change a person’s life.  It doesn’t take a Superhero to listen and see what others are capable of doing.  If we all take an extra minute to listen to those around us, to see those around us and reach out and say, “Hey, you’re really good at organization, did you know that” or “Hey, you’re really good at calculations, can you help me out,” then perhaps their potential will rise up and shine.   Remember, some people don’t realize their skills, they don’t realize they may have hidden skills, but as outsiders, we can see it if we spend time to notice.  In order to help people unfold their potential we’ve got to give them the opportunity to.  We in a way, allow them to practice their potential.  You can be a leader by giving someone the opportunity(environment, like Prof X) to use their potential. Investing isn’t always about money. It can be your time, care, interest, and even passion.  Lead like Prof X!

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