Change is Opportunity

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Change is Opportunity

People don’t like change. We like routine and when things do change we begin to feel a little stressed due to the unfamiliar territory.  It’s okay to feel that.  It’s natural.  However, change can be a good thing. We need to look at change as a way to grow and learn.  Seek the value in change. If things don’t work out, guess what’s next…change. I wrote this from an experience at my previous base.  (see below)


At my previous base I was President of the Airman’s Council.  I wanted to make a few small changes in the morale of the Airman, get them to boost the camaraderie in a non-work setting.  Our council began to host, at least once a month, some type of event for the Airman.  Free, no charge, come and enjoy food and the fellowship of your fellow Airman.  These events usually averaged 20-30 people.  Not many at all considering the amount we have on base.  I began to feel a little discouraged because what we were doing wasn’t catching on.  We advertised, we put the word out, our First Sergeants pushed these events, but still no one came.

In one of our executive council meetings we decided that we were going to pause the events since the numbers were low, but then our First Sergeant mentor pulled me aside after and told me this.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing.  You’re providing opportunity!  Even if no one is taking the opportunity to take part, you are doing your part to give the opportunity to the Airman! Keep doing what you all are doing.”

Talk about an eye opener!  Opportunity!  I started to think about how that applies to the things I come across.  In all reality, I think I could have grabbed opportunity a bit more in the past.  I wanted to change things and realized perhaps that we were changing things even if only a few people grabbed the opportunity.  That’s when I realized, change is opportunity.

I leave with you this, when something comes along that allows you to be better, do better and leave better, take it.  Take that chance to learn something for yourself and take it to leave something for someone else.  Change is opportunity!

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