2 Points Leaders Should Execute


Leaders lead teams. Every team is different and every team has a different mission. Leaders are developed to be able to lead teams in many circumstances. That’s what makes them leaders. They’re able to take any team and get them where they need to be.  Of course, there are many other qualities a leader must possess, but to hit the ground running here are two key points that every leader should execute.

Direction-Every leader needs to know where they are taking their team. Leaders must know how to get their team from point A to point B. Most importantly, they also need to know why they’re going in that direction in the first place. Leadership is not about where you’ve been it’s about where you’re going. Leaders know where to take their team.

Communication-Team members can translate things different if the leader does not articulate the goal or mission. Leaders communicate in depth to their team members on what’s going on and why. This helps members contribute if they have all the variables, or at least as many as possible. Leaders must listen and speak with, not at their team members. They must know when their team members need the extra push and when to allow their potential to shine. Leaders communicate effectively and often.

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